A few months ago, the Bidini of Bidiniband had a strange dream after returning home from Moncton. Through his sleep, he dreamed that he was in a rock and roll club where the old, long-broken-up Toronto band, Change of Heart, were performing on stage. They were playing a song-- a fabulous song, thought the Bidini-- and after being surprised to see one of his favourite bands playing again, he was hooked by the tune, which, very obviously, was called "Ladies of Montreal." After waking up, he climbed out of bed, stamped down the stairs and ate some breakfast, only to find himself singing the make-believe Change of Heart song to himself. In the past, dream songs never stuck-- they could never be remembered-- but this one did. He played the song to the band; the band learned it; then the band played it live, after which fans asked "What was that song about Montreal? We loved it!" Knowing better than to look a gift or an omen in the face, Bidiniband hauled into Revolution Recordings with Stephen Koszler engineering and Joe Dunphy mixing, and pasted the song to tape. A few days later, the Bidini met Change of Heart's old swordsman, Ian Blurton, at the Bovine Sex Club and he told him the story. Blurtonia turned white and said that he was getting Change of Heart back together for shows this fall. Then Bidini turned white. Nobody is really sure who or what wrote "Ladies of Montreal." But here it is. Sweet dreams, my beautiful rock and roll children.

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